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Digital Platform

Build a foundation for data-driven intelligence and process innovation

Deliver a unified foundation for the Intelligent Enterprise that accelerates process innovation and harnesses the value of data across connected business applications and ecosystems.

See how customers are succeeding with SAP

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66% faster salesforce and administrative processes

Read how CEPSA simplified interactions among employees, partners, and customers with one source of truth, iOS apps, and the cloud.

Saving endangered wildlife with SAP HANA

Find out how Elephants, Rhinos & People monitors Southern Africa’s endangered wildlife with next-generation technology and drones.

Fighting deforestation with analytics

Explore how Rainforest Connection is protecting the environment by predicting the occurrence of illegal logging and deforestation with predictive analytics on SAP Cloud Platform.

Drive agile business innovation

Explore the benefits of a digital platform

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Image of a magnifying glass used to analyze binary code in a unified digital data platform

Manage data seamlessly

Collect and manage data in a single, unified landscape to lower data sprawl, analyze data instantly, solve complex issues, and simplify application delivery.

Image of a protection shield representing the data governance capabilities of a digital platform from SAP

Govern data enterprise-wide

Discover, refine, enrich, and govern any type, variety, and volume of data across hybrid and distributed landscapes, while ensuring quality and availability.

Image of an arrow representing data extending past a desktop monitor for cloud-based extension of data

Extend and create apps

Innovate in the cloud with agility, flexibility, and choice by extending existing applications, creating new ones, and using the latest technologies seamlessly.

Build a foundation for your intelligent business activities

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Leverage a business technology platform for data-driven innovation

The digital platform from SAP is?comprised of data management and cloud platform technologies to dynamically?orchestrate your growing volume of data and business processes – forming the?foundation for all your intelligent business activities.

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Orchestrate your data to drive future growth

Centralize and harmonize your data to unlock meaningful insights, act on opportunities in real time, and steer your company in profitable new directions.
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Achieve agile business operations and processes

Enable situational awareness and turn that insight into instant action by providing end-to-end, real-time visibility with SAP Operational Process Intelligence software.?

Lay the foundation for an intelligent enterprise

Develop an agile digital business by supporting data-based operational excellence and continuous process improvement to boost efficiency and pinpoint the need for remediation.

Form the perfect union of agility and stability

Read how the intelligent resource planning capabilities of SAP S/4HANA and cloud services from SAP Cloud Platform can help you keep up with an ever-shifting digital landscape.

Reimagine your business model for a competitive edge

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