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Solve your specific selling and fulfillment needs

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Simplify sales activities

Discover, connect, and collaborate with customers around the world using a powerful business commerce network.

Jumpstart your collaborative e-commerce readiness

Implement a highly effective B2B e-commerce channel with the help of the world’s largest commerce network.?

Discover new business opportunities

Find new customers with a lead-generation tool that helps you promote your company and access thousands of business opportunities.

Choose your SAP software for selling and fulfillment

SAP Ariba Discovery

Promote your company and access thousands of business opportunities, quickly and easily, using a cloud-based service for suppliers. Find new customers with an intuitive tool that automatically delivers qualified leads to your inbox, boosting sales success.

Ariba Network

Grow your business and boost sales by connecting with qualified buyers, anytime and anywhere, using the world’s largest commerce network. Work efficiently and effectively with customers, collaborating digitally on their proposals, contracts, orders, invoices, and payments.

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faster deal closure.

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growth in existing accounts.

Customer case studies


faster payment.

Customer case studies

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